I am excited to have my new lab at the University of Miami up and running.  We started collecting our first field data from Miami last week! Graduate students interested in applying for Fall 2017 should contact me at: casearcy@bio.miami.edu.

My lab group focuses on conservation ecology, the use of ecological principles to improve our understanding of basic ecological theory while also informing how we should conserve and manage threatened or endangered species. There is a particular focus on community ecology and landscape ecology, recognizing the fact that while conservation may focus on individual species, it is important to protect ecological communities as a whole, and that all species exist in landscapes where habitat quality varies through space.

All member of the lab are expected to have a passion for fieldwork, since it is only through observing natural populations that we can understand how species persist individually and in concert while also dealing with environmental stochasticity. My previous research has focused on amphibians and aquatic invertebrates, but I am open to collaborating with people in other systems.

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